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PHPLicengine Support

Before submitting tickets or posting in forums, please consult with wiki. Your questions might be answered there already. The link and login details are in welcome email.

Forum Support:
You are welcome to join our forums and ask your support questions there and we will be more than happy to help you.

HelpDesk Support:
You can submit tickets in our HelpDesk and we will answer you as quick as possible. Please use HelpDesk only for private issues that cannot be posted in public forums such as asking us to check your PHPLicengine installation and providing us your login details to fix your issues. For non-private questions such as 'How can I use PHPLicengine?' or 'How should I setup that?', please use forums only as we don't answer this sort of questions via HelpDesk.

Contact Form:
You are welcome to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. Please don't use contact form to ask non-private questions such as 'How can I install it?', instead use forums please.