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Great program and A++ Support Team:

Recently I have been looking to switch licensing for our scripts. I was using a big name brand, but it was just too time consuming and not cost effective none of our programmers or developers could get it to work straight away. Finally decided to cut our losses with it and find something else. I came across PHPLicengine and it looked very impressive, offering items such as branding, help desk and forum modules. I download the trial and must say that the Support Team was incredible! They walked me through step by step even before I purchased! I have since purchased the script and am happy I did. It has been a breeze to integrate their code into our existing scripts. I highly recommend this product for anyone that wants to protect their files with licensing!
Sharon Dawkins

great script:

So far seems like a great script and cannot wait to use it.
William Williamson

Secure licensing:

Seems like you have put a lot of thought into the license script. The remote licensing is safe, as long as the method is never found out.
Gavin Dibley

Amazing Product:

The services are amazing. I love it.
Tino Lao

Great program:

Great program so far.
Dan Druckenmiller

It works great:

It works great! It´s running perfect.
Bas Laarberg

This software has lifted up many headaches:

This software has lifted up many headaches and made me focus more on my product, recommended especially if you're using ioncube.

Best Support:

You provide the best support ever in the world! Thank you so much. I tried another in demo/test mode and you are by far the best. Best product. Best support. Best!!! Thanks.
Alexandria Marx

Unparralleled Support!:

The support for this component is unparralleled! They have helped me without delay and helped me get my product to market quickly!!
Stan spletcher

Super product:

Really liked the PHPLicengine interface and support. Super product, would recommend it to anybody.
E. Peterson

Super Script:

I must say PHPLicengine is a super script.
Jacek Bartusz
JPR networX

It was nice:

I was not able to break/hack this. It looks good! Good job!
Jeremi Bergman

Extremely clever:

Extremely clever I have to say. I trust it.
Liam B.